Tuesday, October 6, 2009


21, 15, 9
ring dips


  1. BJ said...
    Finished around 13:30.

    Did the round of 21 very slowly with 135#, then did 15 and 9 at 115#. Though, I had never been able to clean 135# even once before today, so it's not a total disappointment.
    Scott said...
    RX'd at 7:40. Did full power cleans from the ground this time. Wow it makes a difference from doing hang cleans which I did last time and finished in 5:20ish

    BJ, nice job breaking your max clean then doing 21 reps of it!!! Savage!!
    jencereghino said...
    85lb Power Cleans

    Purple Band Ring Dips

    (I'm pretty sure that's right...)
    sophi said...
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    sophi said...

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